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Most people regard painting as a fairly simple process that involves slapping a bit of colour on the walls to look nice with the curtains or to ‘cheer the place up a bit’. However, good paint has a much more important job than simply looking great – it can also provide your home or business with a degree of protection too, especially on those exterior surfaces. And for businesses a top quality paint job turns a dull and dowdy reception area into somewhere bright and welcoming, or an office into a pleasant and more productive workspace for your employees.

Professional painters know the importance of a good paint job and, more importantly for you, they know how the process works from start to finish too. So if you’ve decided to call in a professional painting and decorating team in London to brighten up your home or office, what can you expect?

Consultation – laying the groundwork

Before a single brush is dipped in paint, there’s the vitally important process of consultation. Not only does this give you and the painting and decorating team a chance to discuss colours and design concepts, but it also lets your professional painters look at the condition of the walls, and to decide if preliminary repairs are needed before the paint goes on.

Preparation – getting everything ready

So once the consultation is done we’re ready to start painting, right? Well, no, not quite. Firstly, any issues identified by your professional painters has to be addressed. So that means stripping back old wallpaper, and ensuring any cracks in the plaster are filled (and preferably checked out by a building expert to make sure there are no underlying problems. Professional painters and decorators will never merely ‘paper over the cracks’ without tracking down the cause and dealing with that first!).

Woodwork such as window and doorframes may need to be sanded back to produce a fine, smooth service with no lumps and bumps. Sanding also ‘keys’ the surface. So while it may feel smooth, there are in fact microscopic pits and scratches in the surface that allows the new paint to go on smoothly and stay in position, minimising those annoying runs and drips that can mar a really good quality paint job.

Bringing some colour into your home or business

Finally, we’re ready to start painting. Protection sheets have already been put down, but before your team of professional painters break out the rollers and brushes they’ll make sure everything that needs to stay paint-free is covered, protected or moved out. Not only does this keep your furniture and possessions safe, but it also means the painting process is faster and more efficient, as your decorating team don’t have to ‘work around’ unnecessary obstacles.

The aim is to complete the work quickly and efficiently to keep interruptions to your day to an absolute minimum, but with no compromise on quality. Professional painters and decorators take their work very seriously, whether they’re doing a quick turnaround redecoration for landlords in-between tenancies, are refreshing the paint on a front door, or redecorating an office.

When you call in a professional painting and decorating team in London you expect a fast, efficient and friendly service. But you should also expect your team to do the preparation and consultation work first, so that your decorating job is completed to the highest possible standards.



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