Why do you need commercial property maintenance services?

You may be an expert in running a business, but are you capable of repairing and upgrading your electrical wiring to approved standards? Do you have the time to climb up and repair the guttering on your factory roof, or redecorate the reception area of your office so that it provides visitors with a bright and friendly introduction to your business?

Commercial property maintenance is as essential as fixing the boiler in your home or repairing a leaky roof. It protects your business, your employees and your customers – but it’s time consuming and, if done incorrectly, potentially dangerous. Your best option is to hand over the day-to-day maintenance of your commercial property to the experts. So here are five good reasons to use Melchoir Gray’s commercial property maintenance service;

You simply don’t have the time to do it yourself

When you’re running a business you want to focus on the three ‘Ps’ – profit, promotion and people. Anyone who has ever been at the helm of a company, large or small, knows just how much time and energy you need to dedicate to ensure your operation is successful. So everyday property maintenance and even major revamps can take up time you should be dedicating to your business.

It’s more cost effective to have an ongoing service

Most businesses only call in a maintenance team when something goes wrong. This is a costly and inefficient ‘fire-fighting’ method of property management. The cheaper and more intelligent option for businesses is to prevent problems occurring in the first place by regular commercial property maintenance carried out by professionals.

It enhances your business’ reputation

A well-maintained commercial property isn’t just safe – it’s a more pleasant working environment for your staff and a great way of promoting how serious you are about your business to your customers. A shabby, poorly maintained office or commercial premises sends out the wrong message to your customers and could eventually impact your business’ reputation. You could also be breaching Health and Safety rules if you let your maintenance fall below certain standards.

It’s there when you need it

Commercial property maintenance from Melchoir Gray is a bespoke service that’s specifically tailored to fit your exact needs. So whether you need an occasional maintenance crew to check electrical and plumbing installations, or want a weekly visit to provide ongoing process management for larger projects, our commercial property maintenance service is designed around you.

The aim is not to deliver a ‘one-size-fits-all’ service, but a specialised maintenance program that’s been created to fit your business needs, and your budget.

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Transparent pricing

We talked about the ‘3 Ps’ earlier, and there’s a fourth and very important inclusion to that list – price. Property maintenance, if done on an ad-hoc basis, can result in some very big bills for repairs that could have been avoided through regular and more cost-effective maintenance program. By working with a property maintenance service like Melchoir Gray you can draw up a clear schedule that has transparent, honest pricing to fit your budget. And if you need some extra help occasionally then simply pick up the phone and your maintenance team can easily schedule an extra visit to deal with those unexpected issues.

One call for peace of mind

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