Your local London handyman

The frenetic pace of life in the city doesn’t leave busy and beleaguered homeowners with much in the way of ‘spare time’. In fact, in between getting the kids ready for school, rushing off to your job and then a stop off at the gym on the way home before cooking tea for everyone, modern Londoners hardly have a spare minute to themselves. So it’s hardly surprising that all those little jobs around the house often get overlooked. The paint on the front door is looking far too shabby rather than chic, and that bookshelf you’ve been promising to put up is still propped up in the corner next to the unmade flatpack desk.

What you need, for all those little jobs, is a local handyman. London is full of services offering renovations, rewiring and plumbing installations, but what if you just need someone to pop around and fix that light socket? Fortunately, there is a service available, and it’s designed specifically for Londoners in a hurry.

Local knowledge, local handymen

Handymen in London don’t always turn up in the regulation ‘white van’ any more. In fact, there is a whole new generation of handymen and women taking to London’s streets – on motorcycles. These ‘rapid response’ handymen use their local knowledge to zip through London’s traffic and around the area, finding the fastest possible routes to your front door (the one that still needs painting, remember?). That ability to dodge the delays and jump the queues means they can get to you whenever you need them, and at a time that suits you.

A bonus for busy businesses

Local handymen in London don’t just look after domestic customers – they’re there for busy businesses too. The key to a good operation is to keep interruptions to an absolute minimum, so the last thing you need as a business owner is to be kept waiting for hours waiting for a handyman to turn up and sort out those little jobs. It’s also more cost effective for smaller businesses too – why employ your own full-time handyman when you can simply pick up the phone and order a rapid response handyman to sort out those little electrical or plumbing issues?

DIY vs your local handyman

It may be very satisfying to do-it-yourself, even if you do have the time. But sometimes even the simple jobs need a little expertise and experience to get them right first time. Some people are not naturally DIY-inclined, and can your partner really tolerate yet another wobbly shelf or badly painted door? Sometimes it is better to simply admit defeat and pick up the phone, handing the job over to a local handyman who will be able to get the job done for you.

What can a handyman do for you?

It’s those little jobs that seem simple and straightforward but simply take up too much of your day. A dripping tap that needs a new washer fitted. A plug socket that needs fixing to the wall. Some flat-pack furniture or shelving that needs putting up. All of these are easily solved with a few tools and the expertise of your local handyman in London.


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