Handyman Maintenance Checklist

What can your handyman do for you? If you’re struggling for time but still have plenty of those little odd jobs that need doing around the house, a handyman can be a great solution when it comes to dealing with droopy doors, squeaky hinges or a set of bookshelves that are still propped up in the corner instead of being fixed firmly on your wall. From a leaking tap or a washer that needs replacing to installing a new plug socket or fixing a broken fence panel, a London based handyman can be just the person you need to help you out.

So what kind of checklist of ‘odd jobs’ can your handyman help with?

Painting and decorating

While a handyman, especially one of MG London’s ‘rapid response’ bike team, may not have the equipment to do a complete redecoration project from attic to cellar, they do have the capability to do those little touch ups around the house, such as window frames, doors and skirting boards. Have you noticed a small crack in some plaster that needs a little bit of filling? Our handyman can sort that out for you, making sure it’s smoothed down and retouched afterwards too, for a perfect match.

Electrical problems

For any job that requires a Part P sign off, our electricians can pay you a visit any time you need them. But for those little jobs that might be a simple, quick fix but can make life much easier, our handyman can take care of that for you. A plug socket takes just a few minutes to sort out, and a new light socket or dimmer switch is easy to install in an afternoon.

Leaks and drips

A leaky tap isn’t going to cause too much damage to your home, but it can be incredibly annoying, as well as wasting water. That leaky tap may just need a new washer fitted to make it drip-free again – and that’s a job a local handyman can easily take care of. MG London handymen, based in central London, carry enough equipment with them to take care of those small plumbing problems, and if they find it’s something a little more substantial then they’ll be happy to arrange for one of our Gas Safe Plumbers to come in and take care of the job for you.

Flat-pack furniture

How long has that shelving unit been sitting in the corner in its box? Or that kid’s bunk bed? Flat pack furniture can be a great way to furnish your home on a budget, but if you’re not as handy with an Allen key as you should be or simply don’t have the time to put tab A into slot B, a local handyman can do it for you. Leave your flat pack in their capable hands and by the time you get back from a day’s shopping they’ll have that shelving unit sitting proudly in the corner of your living room or that bunk bed up and fitted, ready for your kids to take up residence.

Pictures and blinds

It might take just a few minutes to hang a picture, but it takes skill and experience to hang a picture correctly. Nothing is more annoying than a crooked picture or a blind that won’t work smoothly because it hasn’t been put up properly. MG London’s handymen can make sure your pictures are hung properly and blinds are installed correctly.

Ongoing maintenance – a regular service for businesses

It’s not just domestic customers who can benefit from a local handyman service – so too can business customers. Rather than employing someone full-time to do all those odd jobs around the office, a handyman can come in as and when you need them to make sure computer cables are tacked down properly, squeaky door hinges are oiled and adjusted, and all those other little time-consuming jobs are taken care of.

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