Property Maintenance For Landlords – Taking Care of your Property For you

Being responsible for a portfolio of rented property, whether it’s commercial or domestic, can be a tough but ultimately rewarding business. Working with good tenants is always a pleasure, and if you’re running a commercial property portfolio it can be satisfying to see new businesses flourish in your buildings.

But while being a landlord is a satisfying occupation, it can also be a time consuming, challenging process, especially when it comes to the day-to-day maintenance and care of your properties. If being a landlord is a ‘secondary’ occupation then you may not have the time to devote to the upkeep and maintenance of your buildings in between your other commitments. You may also lack the specific skills in DIY, plumbing and electrical maintenance that you need to ensure your tenants are renting safe, secure and well-maintained accommodation or business premises. And that’s where bringing in a professional property maintenance service can make all the difference.

Property maintenance – your legal obligations as a landlord

As a landlord in London you are required to ensure that the property you let out, whether that’s a residential home, multiple-occupancy house or business premises, is safe. There are specific legal obligations that a fully qualified and experienced property maintenance team from MG London can help you with, so that not only do you stay on the right side of the law, but you can guarantee that your tenants are safe too, avoiding potential and very costly legal action.

Gas safety

If you have gas appliances such as heaters, gas cookers or boilers in the property then they must reach the required safety standards, be regularly inspected and maintained by a registered Gas Safe engineer. Gas installations in rented property need to be inspected annually, and safety certificates issued. Because at MG London our fully qualified and certificated Gas Safe engineers can carry out inspections on your property as part of your ongoing maintenance package, giving you and your tenants total peace of mind.

Electrical safety

Before any tenancy can be signed and the new occupants move in, you must have an electrical inspection to ensure the safety of the electrical supply and all appliances. Our electrical engineers at MG London are certified to carry out PAT tests, and can include regular checks as part of your property maintenance plan.

Energy performance – greener tenancies

We’re becoming ever more conscious of the importance of energy efficiency in our homes and businesses, and as a landlord you should ensure that your properties are as energy efficient as possible. Property maintenance teams can check key features such as the efficiency of your roof and pipe lagging, for example, and where necessary renew and update insulation so your buildings are warm and energy efficient. Our property maintenance team can also make sure that windows and doors fit properly to cut out draughts and ‘cold spots’. Regular energy efficiency checks can also make sure that hot water systems are operating efficiently.

Making sure your buildings are fit for purpose

Property maintenance teams take all the hard work out of being a landlord by looking after those day-to-day property maintenance issues on your behalf, as well as refreshing and preparing a property for new tenants. From painting and decorating through to legally-required checks for electrical and gas safety certification, property maintenance teams from MG London make sure that your buildings are fit for purpose. This translates into a financial advantage for landlords too, because better maintained buildings are easier to let out for higher rents, improving your monthly and annual returns on every property.

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