What You Can Expect From a MG London Painter and Decorator

The paint around the doorframe is peeling, the wallpaper is starting to droop and that beige exterior paint is so last decade. For time-poor London homeowners the opportunity to grab a roller and some paint and spruce up the walls or give your house frontage a new lease of life just doesn’t come up – there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. The obvious choice if you’re serious about a redecorating project is to call in a professional team who can look after the job from start to finish. And that’s where MG London painters and decorators can help.

A complete service from start to finish

So how does it work? Well, it starts with a call to our booking line to talk through your needs with one of our professional advisers. We’ll send one of our team to visit your premises to chat further, so that we can get a better understanding of exactly what you want done. From a simple tidy-up to a complete renovation from top to bottom, our team can help.

The first thing to do is to establish exactly what needs to be done to prepare your home for redecorating, and to arrange a timetable that works around your daily schedule. If you’re out at work all day or have a young family, we can work to your deadlines so that the impact on your homelife is minimised. We’ll work with you to pick out colour schemes, the type of decoration needed and those finishing touches that elevate a simple ‘paint job’ into a professional finish that will last for years.

Preparation is everything

The next stage of the process is the most important – preparation. With your help, we’ll clear any furniture and valuables out of the rooms to be decorated, and ensure anything that has to stay behind is covered and fully protected. Then our expert teams go to work taking off decades-worth of old wallpaper (which in older London properties can go back all the way to the Edwardian era!) sanding and rubbing down, preparing the surface, and carefully filling in any minor cracks in the plaster. If, during this stage, our team finds anything more serious they will notify you immediately, and make suggestions as to how the problem can be rectified. At MG London we don’t believe in just simply ‘papering over the cracks’ – we make sure the job is done right, from the very start. Our professionals know it’s the only way to guarantee a perfect result.

Brightening up your world

Once our teams have done the preparation, next comes the transformation! Thanks to years of experience and expertise, you can be certain that your London painters and decorators from MG London will deliver an outstanding job that stays looking beautiful for years to come. And because we’ve prepared not just the walls but the rest of the room too, there won’t be any drips or splashes ruining your furniture or marking your polished wooden floors.

Cleaning up…

However, that isn’t the end of the job as far as we’re concerned. Because our teams are professionals and take real pride in their work, they’ll make sure that everything is left exactly as you want it, and that nothing is left behind but a beautiful looking room. With MG London, you’re engaging a team that actually does the cleaning up for you, leaving your home looking pristine and fresh.

Whether it’s a simple lick of paint to brighten up a dull room, or a complete top-to-bottom refurbishment, we’ll do the whole job for you – from start to finish.

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