Professional Handyman at your Service

What makes a real ‘professional’? Is it a lifetime of experience, coupled with a raft of qualifications? That ability to problem-solve simply by assessing a situation on sight? Or is it something more than that?

At MG London we put the emphasis on ‘professional’ when we talk about our handyman services. So yes, it is about the experience and the qualifications. But it’s also a state of mind, an approach and a commitment to delivering the best possible service to every single customer, every single time they call us. Only then can we call ourselves true ‘professionals’, and earn the trust of our customers, no matter how big or small the job.

Professionalism is an attitude

We believe that professionalism is epitomised not just by what you do, but how you do it. From a warm smile when our teams meet our customers, through to after-care that ensures every customer is happy with the service they’ve received, we make sure that each detail, no matter how small, is covered.

One of the biggest bugbears that business and homeowners have is tradespeople who don’t clean up after they’ve finished! Our teams assess a space before they start work, decide on the best way to approach the job that maximises efficiency and minimises disruption – and they make sure that everything is exactly as they found it before they leave.

Cleaning up after a job is an essential part of the process, and our professional handymen will never ‘cut corners’ to get a job done quicker. So if it takes us an extra half an hour to put everything back as you want it, then we’ll take that time.

The local touch

A key part of our professional approach to every handyman service is keeping things ‘local’. How quickly we respond to your call is just as important as how well the job is carried out, so using local handymen in London who know the area and can deliver a quick service to customers who know and trust them reinforces that professional ideal.

Many of our handymen have even dispensed with the traditional van in favour of motorcycles that lets them zip through the congested London traffic faster, providing you with a much quicker service.

All of this comes together with experience, expertise and a passion for a job well done to ensure every MG London handyman and woman provides both business and domestic customers with a genuinely ‘professional’ handyman service.



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