Keep your Landlords Happy with a Premium Handyman Service

A well-maintained property not only looks good, but produces much higher returns too. That’s because if a property is well looked after then it spends less time sitting vacant and more time generating rental income for landlords. However, if a landlord lives abroad, is absent much of the time, or simply has too many properties to manage themselves, they often hand over the day-to-day running and letting of their flats and houses to letting agents.

While letting agents may be experts in matching good tenants to great London properties, they’re rarely qualified builders, plumbers or electricians. And it can be tough to find a handyman service for letting agents that brings all of this – and more – under one roof. That’s where we can help.

Affordable and reliable

MG London have been providing comprehensive, affordable and reliable handyman services for letting agents for over a decade, and today agents and landlords across the capital rely on us to look after their ongoing maintenance. Not only do we provide all-round cover for your plumbing, electrical and small building works requirements, but we’re also there for those little jobs that crop up without warning.

Many of our handyman team use motorcycles to zip through London’s congested streets, so they can get to your landlord’s property on time and without having to add congestion and parking charges to the bill. That makes it cheaper for you and better for your client.

Experts there when you need them

We don’t just provide professional and fast reactive handyman services, though. A team of highly qualified and experienced plumbers; builders and electricians are available to look after bigger jobs, especially in between tenancies when a property may need redecorating, repairs and even refurbishing. The faster that happens, the quicker you, as the letting agent, can find a new tenant, and so the property starts producing a return once again.

Maintenance contracts are a great way to arrange a cost-effective and on-going package deal that means our team is there to help you when you need us. Our professional maintenance team can not only look after on-going repairs, but carry out proper safety checks to your gas appliances as required by law. Our experts make sure the property is not only looking its best, but meets all legal requirements too. All of this can be pre-arranged as part of our comprehensive maintenance package for letting agents and landlords; giving you everything you need under one roof.

To find out more about our maintenance packages for letting agents, simply call us direct today, or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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