Need to freshen up your rental property? Leave your painting and decorating to the professionals

If you’re a landlord in London, then maintaining your property to a high standard is a good way to ensure continuous occupancy and higher rental value on your properties. Even if a property is in good condition when a tenant leaves, your rental property will be more attractive to new tenants if it’s been freshened up. while it is possible to carry out reasonable DIY maintenance on your rental properties, you’ll get a much better result if you call in a professional painting and decorating service.

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Why does good painting and decorating matter?

 Poorly decorated rental properties discourage good tenants. If you want to minimise the amount of time between lets, then calling in a professional painting and decorating team to refresh the paintwork, even if it’s just a quick tidy up, can make a world of difference. It makes your property more attractive, and can even help you achieve a higher rental value and better returns.

It also ensures that occupancy levels are maintained, keeping the rent returns flowing in. Badly decorated properties take longer to fill, as tenants could be put off by poor quality refurbishments.

How can a professional painting and decorating services help?

If your portfolio includes multiple properties then having the time yourself to decorate and maintain all of them can be difficult. By working with a professional service like MG London, you hand over your maintenance to an expert team who can provide plumbing, electrical, painting and decorating and on-going maintenance services to all your properties, whenever you need them.

A professional team of painters and decorators can also get the job done quicker. They already have all the tools they need to get in, redecorate your property and get out again, fast. Their expertise and experience also means you know you’re getting the best possible job for the best price.

Hand over your painting and decorating needs to a professional team and you can focus on building your rental property business, or spending time on other enterprises.

It’s all in the preparation

If you’ve ever done any painting and decorating, you’ll know that a ‘quick lick of paint’ does nothing to bring the standard of a property up. It takes time, preparation and expertise to achieve a really good finish, whether you’re hanging wallpaper or going for ‘Magnolia in every room’.

At MG London, our teams of professional painters and decorators take real pride in their work, ensuring that every detail is taken care of. From smoothing out bad plasterwork to carefully painting the skirting boards and architraves, our painters and decorators never do ‘half a job’. We know that the more care you take in preparation, the better the finish. That’s why we believe you can always instantly tell the difference between DIY painting and decorating (no matter how good), and a professional job.

So a successful ‘refresh’ is dependent on how carefully you prepare the property first. From tidying up doorframes to a complete top-to-bottom refresh, at MG London we treat every job with the same amount of professionalism and care.

Redecorating can make or break a property

Never underestimate the impact that a well-redecorated property can have on your chances of securing good tenants. A well looked after property also encourages tenants to take pride in their surroundings, making it more likely that they will keep the property in good condition throughout their tenancy.

If you want your rental property to look immaculate, ensuring high occupancy rates and happy tenants, call us to find out more about our landlord painting and decorating services. Learn more about our services.



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