Winter is Well and Truly Here

Now that winter is well and truly here, we bring you a few tips on keeping your plumbing safe from the cold, and what to do if your boiler is coming to the end of its life.

We also tell you about what MG London can offer should you need repairs, servicing or replacements at this time of year.

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Do I need a new boiler – or just some help?

In winter, a boiler may start nearing the end of its useful life, and you may be thinking about replacing it. Are there other alternatives at this time of year?

A boiler service can be an effective stop-gap until a more suitable time to replace it: during a service we can also give you an indication of how long the remaining lifespan of your boiler is, so you can plan ahead.

Boiler S

To find out more, and for any of your general plumbing needs such as new radiators, repairs or bathroom installations, contact us on 020 7731 2100.

If you’re having problems with a noisy boiler or sluggish central heating in general, a power flush will optimise the performance of the whole system, including radiators and pipes.

Protect your plumbing

At this time of year, plumbing and gas appliances come under increased pressure.

In order to protect your building or home, we suggest the following steps…


Every gas appliance should be checked and serviced a minimum of once a year by an accredited Gas Safe Engineer.  (Our boiler engineers are Gas Safe accredited).

Check for black staining around any gas appliances, which is a sign of deadly carbon monoxide.  This requires the immediate attention of a Gas Safe Engineer.

Ensure you also have an audible carbon monoxide detector installed near every gas appliance:  we can install both carbon monoxide and smoke alarms that meet approved safety standards.

If you are leaving your premises uninhabited for a length of time, leave the central heating on as normal and set the thermostat to 15C.  (Or, if you have a timer, set it to come on for at least 30 minutes per day).  This is to ensure the boiler remains active enough.


Cover water pipes with foam insulation to prevent freezing; you can also contact us for this service if you think your pipes might be at risk from the weather.

Disconnect the outdoor hose if there is one (and turn off the inside valve) to ensure any freezing outside does not affect pipes inside.

Know where your stop cock is in case of emergencies, leaks or overflows.

Stop cock

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