MG London – Spring Offer!

This month we show you how to save up to 25% on all your property maintenance, and share some tips on how to ensure the safety of your building’s electrical and gas fittings.

Spring Offer**

You can save 25% off Landlord’s Gas Safety certificates (up to 3 appliances, normally £90 exc VAT) and Boiler servicing (normally £110 exc VAT) until 31 May 2017.

Just mention offer code SPRING17 when booking on 020 7731 2100.

Cut costs with a Maintenance Package

Most landlords and businesses need periodic maintenance work – especially on properties that see a lot of customer, employee, or resident use. However, the costs of hiring tradespersons job-by-job or employing permanent maintenance staff can mount up over time and put a drain on your budget.

MG London’s Maintenance Packages offer a solution to this problem – allowing you to pre-purchase all your maintenance work at a discount price.

There are a number of additional benefits:

MG London maintenance package

You can take advantage of our breadth of skills and trades, all covered by your package.

You can plan for necessary maintenance work more effectively.

You eliminate the costs of employing maintenance staff (such as NI contributions, pensions, or sick pay)

How it works

We apply a discount to all labour costs* incurred during each job, which are then deducted from the balance of your pre-paid MG London account. The discount you receive depends on how much work you choose to pay for in advance, with the following package options:


Which Package is right for me?

The right package will depend on your maintenance needs and budget, but you can find out more about the typical amount and type of work covered by each package on our maintenance page.

Alternatively, you can call us for advice anytime on 020 7731 2100.

Expert advice: putting safety first

The law – and common sense – requires building owners to be conscious of electrical and gas safety. Periodic expert checks are crucial to protect you legally and to ensure that the building and its occupants are not at risk.

Smoke & CO alarms: Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are potentially life-saving. As of 2015, you must have smoke alarms installed by law if renting out a property. MG London can fit both types of alarm and advise on the optimal placement within your building.

– Portable Appliance Testing (PAT): it is highly recommended to PAT-test your electrical appliances once a year to ensure proper earthing/insulation and protect against the risk of fire or electrocution.

Consequently, there are four main safety precautions that we recommend our clients consider:

EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report): if you are buying or have just bought a new property, an EICR gives an overview of the condition of all installations, fixtures and fittings, ensuring there are no latent wiring issues. An EICR is recommended in all domestic homes every 10 years at minimum.

Gas Safety Certificate: this checks that no faults are developing over time in gas fittings or appliances. You need one every year by law if letting your property, but it is also advisable to have a safety check done on any property you live or work in. Commercial tenants may also have the responsibility for carrying out this check: see your lease and its provisions.

Electrical Installation

Special Offer**

Until the end of May you can also save 25% off Landlord’s Gas Safety certificates (up to 3 appliances, normally £90 exc VAT).

Just mention offer code SPRING17 when booking on 020 7731 2100.

See our website for more information about our safety check services and pricing.

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