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As the seasons change, we can help with advice and money-saving tips to keep your property in good condition.

As spring approaches, we look at how best to plan maintenance and protect the exterior of your building or house.

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Protect your building’s exterior

Every building – big or small, commercial, industrial, or residential – needs external upkeep to protect it against the elements.

Whether the work needed is minor or extensive, the important thing is to plan in advance. In most cases, exterior maintenance should be carried out once every 7 years at minimum. If forgotten, problems with the building will emerge over time: eventually the interior can also be damaged, and issues such as damp arise which sharply increase the cost of repairs.

That’s why it’s best to start planning now to complete necessary exterior works during the summer. Protective or repair work done during the warmer months is more effective than if done in winter – when issues of leaks and damp are also more difficult to resolve.

Things to remember

– Maintenance on leasehold buildings often takes longer to plan, as there are usually more stakeholders involved: it is best to begin as early as possible.

– Tackling defective brick pointing prevents water getting into walls and causing more extensive (and expensive) damage. It should always be done in the warmer months.

– Make sure any exterior woodwork is in excellent condition and protected – before rot can set in.

– If your building has tenants whose rooms become uninhabitable due to damp or leaks, they could insist on reduced rent or alternative accommodation.

MG London can advise on any upkeep needed to your building and carry out a full inspection. For paintwork and protection, we use the best products and methods to ensure a quality job that will last as long as possible. And if scaffolding is required, it can be alarmed to prevent intruders – for your security and peace of mind.

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MG London – trusted, endorsed, accredited

When hiring tradespersons or building firms, accreditations are essential. With so many firms now offering maintenance work, it can be hard to tell a reliable, quality provider from one that is less competent – or even dangerous. Accreditations solve this problem by guaranteeing that firms have met stringent quality and safety standards, giving you the assurance you need to move forward.

To give our customers confidence that every project will be completed to the highest standard, MG London is approved by more than 10 different governing organisations, including The Federation of Master Builders, Safe Contractor and Which? Trusted TradersAssociations and Accreditations