CORGI registered plumbers or Gas Safe?

For years, commercial and domestic gas customers have trusted the CORGI registration identity as one that guarantees the engineer tinkering with your gas boiler or heating system is fully qualified and experienced. Then in April 2009 it was all changed, and the CORGI register was renamed the Gas Safe register. So has it made a difference to how your gas engineer or installation expert works?

Same quality mark, different name

The short answer is no. All that happened in 2009 is that the CORGI registration identity (which stands for Council for Registered Gas Installers) was updated to the Gas Safe Register. CORGI-approved tradespeople still exist (in many different trades including decorators, electricians, renewable energy engineers and builders), but for gas installation and fitting the benchmark is now Gas Safe.

Can an engineer be both CORGI and Gas Safe registered?

Yes, many gas engineers and technicians who have been in the industry for many years and originally registered as CORGI-approved tradespeople are now also registered with Gas Safe. However, those who have registered as approved gas engineers since 2009 are most likely to be Gas Safe registered only. This doesn’t make any difference to their level of skill and expertise – remember that Gas Safe is the same as CORGI, just under a different name!

Why should I choose a Gas Safe or CORGI registered engineer?

Choosing Gas Safe or CORGI registered plumbers, engineers or fitters means that you have complete peace of mind and the assurance that the person coming into your home or business is going to do a proper job that’s safe and conforms with all gas safety legislation. If you don’t see a Gas Safe or CORGI registration mark, then our advice is don’t use them! At Melchoir Gray we ensure that all of our engineers and gas plumbers are fully qualified and registered, and that they stay up to date with all current best practice methods and qualifications.

How do I check my plumber or gas engineer is registered?

New identity cards for Gas Safe approved engineers are standard issue these days, so look for cards that have a photo of your engineer, as well as a hologram (to prevent counterfeiting), and specific details about your engineer. If you check on the back of the card it will detail what your Gas Safe plumber or engineer is qualified to do. Don’t be afraid to ask to see a Gas Safe card – all Melchoir Gray Gas Safe and CORGI registered plumbers will be happy to show you their cards to set your mind at ease.