Gas Safe Commercial Plumbers Mean Business

Many businesses in London rely on gas central heating to keep their offices or shops warm. Not only does it create a more pleasant working atmosphere for your staff and customers, but it’s also a legal requirement that working environments are kept at a reasonable temperature. So an efficient and effective heating system is a must, no matter how big or small your business.

But what if the worst happens, and your gas boiler breaks down? In that instance you need a fast response from certified Gas Safe plumbers you can trust. And that’s where MG London can help.

A local service for London’s businesses

Across the capital, MG London provides a fast response service to businesses, from Ealing in the west to Canary Wharf in the east, and from leafy Harrow in North London all the way down to Wimbledon and all points south of the river Thames. By employing local commercial plumbers, we can guarantee businesses a fast, efficient response that will minimise the impact a boiler breakdown could have on your day-to-day operations.

What is a Gas Safe engineer?

For many years, people have trusted the CORGI gas registration as a mark of excellence. However, in 2009 the new Gas Safe brand was brought in, replacing the original CORGI registration. Therefore, engineers who were registered as CORGI before 2009 automatically became Gas Safe registered, hence there is in fact no real difference between the two – the Gas Safe registration is simply the ‘updated’ brand.

What it means for you and your business is that you are dealing with a plumber you can trust completely, and who is qualified and certified to meet all current legal requirements.

All Gas Safe engineers carry clear identification so that you know you’re dealing with a qualified and certified expert, and all MG London plumbers will be happy to show you their identification card to put your mind at ease.

Gas Safe Commercial Plumbers Mean Business

MG London plumbers aren’t just there for the one-off emergencies – they’re on call for the day-to-day maintenance calls too. If you have gas central heating in your office then MG London can make sure it’s well maintained and working correctly, so that it’s more efficient, cheaper to run and keeps your offices or shop warm all year round. They can also carry out inspections as laid down by the Health and Safety regulations, and even carry out checks and submit reports for insurance purposes too.

Working from home? No problem

MG London recognise that businesses come in all shapes and sizes. So whether you’re a one-man operation working from home, a large factory or a busy office, we can help. Our local plumbers across London deliver a fast, reliable and efficient service that takes your business needs into account. Employing plumbers with local knowledge means that you’re working with experts who are familiar with your operation, and can work around you to deliver a fast and efficient service.