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Professional Handyman at your Service

What makes a real ‘professional’? Is it a lifetime of experience, coupled with a raft of qualifications? That ability to problem-solve simply by assessing a situation on sight? Or is it something more than that? At MG London we put the emphasis on ‘professional’ when we talk about our handyman services. So yes, it is […]

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Handyman Contracts for On-going Business

No matter how big or small your business, one of your largest expenses on a weekly or monthly basis will be your wage bill. So any savings you can make are to be welcomed, and could in fact make a big difference to your bottom line numbers. While those maintenance jobs still have to be […]

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Handyman Maintenance Checklist

What can your handyman do for you? If you’re struggling for time but still have plenty of those little odd jobs that need doing around the house, a handyman can be a great solution when it comes to dealing with droopy doors, squeaky hinges or a set of bookshelves that are still propped up in […]

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