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Electrical Safety Check Service 

With the potential for serious injury, fire and even death, ensuring your property’s electrics are in good working order and completely safe is essential. If you own commercial premises or are a residential property landlord, then you also have legal obligations to make sure your electrical supply, sockets and any connections to electrical appliances are regularly inspected. At MG London, our fully qualified and experienced electricians can carry out comprehensive and thorough electrical inspection and testing as part of our electrical testing services for both residential and commercial customers.

Our electrical safety checks adhere to all current legislation and can be applied to both residential, rental, and commercial properties. We check for:

  • Overloading on individual sockets (multiple plug adaptors etc.)
  • Deteriorated wiring or poor insulation on wiring
  • Correct earthing on all circuits and appliances
  • Correct amperage fuses for circuits
  • Correct continuity on cables
  • Correct bonding conductors, and location of switchgear.
  • That the earth fault path is effective enough to result in automatic disconnection of the supply in the event of a fault
  • That the residual current device (RCD) operates quickly enough to avoid any danger.

Electrical safety checks also enable our qualified electricians to spot potential problems before they occur, and recommend the correct course of action to rectify the situation. Our electricians can then carry out essential repairs and solve common problems, such as:

  • Correcting and renewing faulty, damaged, or old wiring
  • Correcting earthing / bonding
  • Replacing electrical components such as LED drivers and low voltage transformers, switches, dimmer modules, and light fittings.

MG London Electrician – ‘EICR’ - Electrical Installation Condition Report in Fulham

Electrical Installation Condition Reports

A good way to check that everything is in order and working properly is to book an EICR or Electrical Installation Condition Report. EICRs ensure that your property complies with all current safety legislation and wiring regulations, including BS7671:2008.  An EICR is a comprehensive check that tests circuits throughout the property, and presents you with a detailed report listing any findings and recommendations. Our experts can check a single area or circuit, or the entire property from roof space to basement, giving you complete peace of mind.

While we don’t include appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers or fridge-freezers in our safety checks, we can do a visual inspection on leads and plugs to ensure they are in good condition, and make sure that the correct ventilation is providing a good airflow around fridges to prevent them from overheating. Checks also include making sure the fuse board is in good working order, and that trip switches operate correctly.

We recommend that for residential properties, a full check is carried out by our qualified electricians every five years.

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