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Repainting Windows and Door Frames

Sometimes, it’s the little touches that can make all the difference to your home. Simply repainting windows and door frames can freshen up a tired exterior without having to spend a fortune on top-to-bottom external redecoration. It can also be an ‘instant’ transformation, breathing new life into your exterior décor in a couple of days – particularly useful if you’re planning to sell your property.

If you’re running a commercial property then a clean, fresh exterior can really pull in the customers, while a good looking rental property with properly painted window and door frames will attract tenants and the best rental value.

If you want your windows and doors to look their very best, whether you have traditional wood doors and sash window frames, metal frames, or plastic frames that simply need cleaning and tidying up, the professional painting and decorating team at MG London can help.

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High tech methods for a factory-style finish

Our expert painters and decorators don’t simply use a brush or roller to get a great finish. Sometimes, we need to employ more high-tech methods to achieve the very best results, particularly on surfaces that have relief carving or intricate detailing. In these cases, we use spray machines to create a flawless ‘factory finish’. No matter how difficult or delicate, our team are experienced in painting windows and doors to an exceptional finish.

Sometimes, timber window frames and doors can suffer damage and long-term ‘wear and tear’ that leaves the surface pitted and cracked. So, before we start work, we prepare the surface thoroughly and carefully, using two-part wood filler, and then sanding it to a satin-smooth finish using various grades of sandpaper. By preparing properly first, you’re guaranteed a flawless finish that will last for years. If done properly, painting wooden window and door frames can extend their life, prevent cracking and warping, and look beautiful. A protective layer of gloss paint will also mean they’re wipe-clean too.

Plastic (UPVC) windows may not need painting, but could certainly benefit from a thorough clean and check over. Replacing loose or damaged sealant will prevent water penetrating through and causing condensation problems, while using the correct cleaning products can make UPVC windows look brand new.

Metal window frames can be difficult to paint, so we spend as much time preparing them as we do painting. In fact, the painting part is the ‘easy’ bit, and our specialist teams use metal-specific paints to give you a glossy, smooth finish that won’t flake, crack or allow water to creep in and cause rust spots.


It’s all in the preparation

Before we start painting doors or window frames, we make sure that the surface our premium quality paints is going onto is as perfect as it can be. That means plenty of preparation, as there’s no point in simply ‘painting over the cracks’. We treat rusty metal frames by removing any surface rust and then treating them with specialist products to stop further rust developing. This usually means stripping frames back to bare metal. A build-up of layers of paint can also stop your window from opening or closing properly, allowing heat to escape and sending your energy bills up.

We use special heat guns that apply hot air directly to the surface to carefully lift the paint without damaging the bare metal below. With wooden frames, we use careful sanding to create a smooth, flawless base. If we spot any imperfections, cracks, or pitting, we use a two-part wood filler which, when cured, is as hard as the surrounding wood.

We then apply primer layers and undercoats in sympathetic colours that match your top coat, giving you the perfect finish, regardless of material, age, or condition.


How much will it cost?

It is difficult to give an exact cost, as every job is different. But what we can assure you is that the quote you get is the price you pay. There are never any ‘hidden extras’ when you hire MG London’s expert painting and decorating teams to paint your window and door frames. If you would like a no-obligation visit and quote, then call us today and talk to one of our friendly team to book your assessment.

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