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Whether your property is a new-build, ultra-modern apartment or a Victorian conversion, or you manage a large office or a small shop, making sure your central heating system is working properly is essential for winter warmth. Part of your maintenance programme should be balancing central heating systems on a regular basis. So what is involved and why does it matter? At MG London we can answer all your questions, and provide you with a radiator balancing service that will help keep your whole house, office or shop warm this winter.

Why does radiator balancing need to be done?

Balancing radiators is an essential part of your annual home or business maintenance, as it makes sure all of your radiators are operating efficiently and producing the same amount of heat, regardless of their location within your property. If a radiator system or central heating system becomes unbalanced, then you’ll find that radiators closest to the boiler are hot, but those further down the line are noticeably cooler. The result is uneven heating that’s inefficient, leaving ‘cold spots’ in your home and pushing up your heating costs. Efficient, well balanced central heating systems work more effectively and are more cost effective too.

Balancing radiators effectively evens out the flow of the water through the system, so that during normal operation there is minimal difference between a radiator close to the boiler (at the start of the system), and one that’s further away.

At MG London, our plumbers are highly experienced in providing plumbing services to homeowners, landlords and businesses. They don’t just rely on years of experience, but are continually updating their skills with the latest training and best practice techniques to provide you with a comprehensive and effective plumbing service. Part of their remit is the maintenance of central heating systems, including balancing radiators to achieve the maximum benefit for you.

The different types of radiator systems – which one is best for you?

Most properties have what is known as a ‘feed and return’ central heating system. It’s a more efficient system than the common alternative (a single pipe loop). Hot water from the boiler is fed into one side of each radiator in the system, while a return pipe recirculates the water back through the system.

Feed and return central heating systems are better at distributing heat evenly throughout a property, but need to be balanced in order to ensure they remain operating at peak efficiency. Balancing radiators on a regular basis makes sure your system works effectively, and that each radiator reaches the same temperature. Well maintained and balanced radiators help you avoid ‘cold spots’ where the radiators are not working as efficiently.

A single pipe loop central heating system has a single loop of pipework running from and to the boiler, with the radiators ‘sitting’ on the pipe. This is an inefficient system, as the radiators furthest from the boiler take longer to heat up, because the water running from the boiler cools as it travels through the system. The difference can be several degrees, and lead to ‘cold spots’ around the house.

A micro bore central heating system uses a network of small bore pipes to transport the water around a system, with pressure valves acting as gateways to allow or constrict the flow of water. Because they use smaller pipes, there is much less heat loss, meaning radiators are more efficient.

A quick job with long-term benefits

Balancing a radiator system doesn’t take long, especially if you have the skills, the expertise and the right equipment to do the job. Call MG London and our plumbers can come in and balance your central heating system in a day, as well as carrying out maintenance checks to make sure your system stays working efficiently all year round.

Feed and return and small bore central heating systems can benefit the most from balancing, ensuring that the water pressure and feed rate is kept consistent throughout, improving thermal efficiency throughout your home or business and, ultimately, saving you money on your heating bills.

At MG London, we take real pride in offering a premium quality plumbing service for businesses, landlords and homeowners across London and the south east. If you would like to make sure your central heating system is ready for the winter then give us a call today for a free, no-obligation quotation, or browse our website to find out more about our London plumbing services.

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