Underfloor Heating and Repairs

Convenient, cost effective and efficient, underfloor heating is the modern solution to keeping your home warm without having radiators and storage heaters breaking the smooth lines of your stylish décor. First developed by the ancient Romans, this super-efficient method of warming your home is still one of the most popular forms of home heating today. At MG London, we specialise in laying new underfloor heating and carrying out underfloor repairs so your system is working at maximum efficiency.

How does underfloor heating work?

Underfloor heating works best with tiled floors, but can also be highly efficient if you have wooden floors too. A network of pipes is placed under your flooring, distributing heat evenly throughout your house. Depending on the type of floors you have, we will work with you initially to ensure you choose the right type of underfloor heating system. For tiled floors, we will install a network of underfloor heating pipes that are protected and laid in a layer of concrete on the subfloor. Then the tiles are laid directly on top, so that the heat is evenly dispersed across the entire floor.

If you have timber floors, then we use a slightly different installation system by laying your heating pipes within insulated sheets to both protect them and to ensure maximum heating efficiency. These sheets are laid on top of your subfloor, and your timber flooring is then positioned on top. By using the very latest products we can quickly install your underfloor heating, getting you back to normal and letting you enjoy your warm, comfortable home.

Underfloor heating can be installed in any situation, so if you are planning a renovation project or are laying a new floor then this may be the perfect opportunity to install new underfloor heating. While it is a disruptive process that requires your existing floor to be lifted, the results are well worth the effort and will give you efficient home heating for years to come.

Can I have underfloor heating in my bathroom?

Underfloor heating in bathrooms is particularly popular, whether it be a ‘wet room’ style or traditional bathroom.

As in any other room, bathroom underfloor heating can be installed in s a wet pipe network or an electric mat system.

If you are just installing underfloor heating in one room, the initial costs are likely to be cheaper to install an electric system but a wet system will be more efficient and save you money in the long run.

The effects are just as good for both methods, creating a warm and welcoming environment.

Underfloor heating repairs

At MG London, we can carry out repairs to existing underfloor heating systems including:

  • Replace zone valves
  • Replace faulty connections
  • Power flush systems to improve efficiency
  • System balancing to improve operation
  • Pressure testing to quickly identify and repair leaks in specific zones

We always try to find the easiest and least invasive method of carrying out repairs on your underfloor heating. So if the site allows it, we can open up the ceiling beneath the underfloor heating to carry out repairs instead of lifting your floor tiles, saving time and money.

How much will it cost?

As there are so many different options when it comes to under floor heating, it is important to talk to us first so that we can book a personal visit and assessment by one of our expert surveyors. We will then be able to give you an accurate and final costing for your specific situation. While underfloor heating is a large outlay initially, in the long term it can provide considerable savings on your home heating bills, creating a warm, comfortable and energy efficient home for years to come. To find out more about underfloor heating, simply call us today and talk to one of our friendly advisors, or contact us online.

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